Learning Forward BC Board Welcomes New Directors

I am pleased to welcome the following new Directors to the Learning Forward Board of Directors.

Lynne Chartres ( Choices Independent School)

Riley Mcmitchell ( Coquitlam)

Richard Stewart  ( Richmond)

Marie Ratcliffe ( Richmond)

We are looking forward to working with these outstanding educators who will bring experience, expertise and  innovation to our work.

As special thank you Steve Cardwell, the current Chair of the Learning Forward Board of Trustees who continues to act as our Special Advisor.

At the Board Orientation held on June 8 and 9th the attached link , Board Orientation  PowerPoint,  provided a foundation and background for  the Directors as we shape our work for the next year.

LFBC Board Orientation (1)

Check out this PowerPoint for more information.

Learning Forward BC is celebrating our  30th Anniversary

Did you know that, among others, these Educators all had a hand in shaping this organization that began in 1990?


March 30, 1990: Inaugural meeting of SDCBC in Coquitlam

  • Laurie Anderson [Coquitlam] was first president
  • Coquitlam, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley and New West were districts involved in formative years
  • SDCBC/LFBC has historically brought presenters from NSDC/LF to BC that have had an impact on PL in the province: Dennis Sparks, Rick DuFour, Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves, Bruce Wellman and Laura Lipton, Tom Guskey.
  • BCTF PSA/PD leaders have been involved with SDCBC/LFBC [Mike Lombardi, Steve Cardwell, Wendy Lim, Sue Elliott, Nancy Hinds, April Lowe, Lynn Chartres]
  • BCPVPA leaders have been involved with SDCBC/LFBC [Jessica Antosz, Don Boyd, Liz Bell]
  • BCSSA leaders have been involved with SDCBC/LFBC [Robin Arden, Steve Cardwell, Juleen McElgunn, Kim Young, Wanda Mitchell, Reno Ciofli]
  • MOE folks involved with SDCBC/LFBC [Cathy Elliott, Rod Allen, Denise Augustine, Audrey Hobbs-Johnson, Trudean Andrews
  • LFBC has hosted three major Learning Forward  Conferences 1996, 2004, 2016.

Watch this space for  the Series Schedule  of the our monthly  sessions  on Quality Professional learning that will be presented  as

Webinars hosted by LF and BC School Districts

Book Studies with Authors 

Small Group Discussions with Experts on current topics 


Hope to “see” you at the first session September 24, 4:40 -5:30

Sea to Sky School District be the presenters at this session.

Kind regards



Sue Elliott


Learning Forward BC


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