Street Data: Choosing the Margins: Shane Safir, Jamila Dugan

A GOOD READ THAT LEADS TO EXCELLENT CONVERSATIONS!   Dear Community, Since the release of Street Data, Jamila and I have been extremely humbled and excited by the outpouring of interest and support. We are floored that the book hit bestseller … Continued

The Learning Professional: Looking Ahead

LOOKING AHEAD FEBRUARY 2021 Amid crisis, there is opportunity that can galvanize change. This issue examines what educators have learned over the past year and how it can shape practice moving forward. It also includes a special section on nurturing … Continued

Leadership in Professional Learning: A Learning Forward BC Story

Leadership in Professional Learning: A LFBC Story   As Tom Guskey reminds us, the ultimate goal of professional learning is its impact on student growth and outcomes. LFBC is about providing networking opportunities. The intent of this year’s series of … Continued