Tool: Yes/ No Survey

This strategy provides an opportunity for participants to explore a topic by posing a question, and to make connections with other participants. It also builds community, and lifts the energy in the room.


Process: Choose a topic [e.g. Collaboration], and ask participants to write a question with a yes/no answer on an index card.  Give a set amount of time for participants to get up and mingle – tallying the number of yes /no responses. A deviation from this – one that allows for conversation – is for participants to ask their partner(s) WHY they gave their yes/no response.


Debrief: Ask participants what surprised them about their tally? Or, what were some questions that surfaced interesting responses? AN extension – if a question might generate a larger conversation with the group, [e.g. What does collaboration look like?) ask participants to explore the question with their A/B  [elbow]partner, then do a whip to report out – thus allowing  a survey of ideas related to the topic. This last step allows the facilitator to build on the energy and insights, and to surface core ideas of participants.


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