Successful Network Dinner Creates Dialogue among BC Educators

On April 3, sixty plus educators from around the lower mainland attended a Networking Dinner on Collaborative Learning. The conversations and dialogue resulted in positive energy and a lively buzz of conversations.

Connections with colleagues from many other education venues both in the public and private system enjoyed sharing stories, hearing each other, and being able to exchange experiences with educators from other districts!


PowerPoint for your use

Inquiring into Collaborative Cultures

To open this PowerPoint double click on the address above and save to your desktop.

This PowerPoint used at the April 3 network dinner on Collaborative Cultures can be used to recall the conversations that took place and/or to frame a meeting in which you wish participants to be actively engaged in a collaborative inquiry session.

The Yes/No survey can relate to any topic [the WHAT], and you can infuse any quote related to your topic, for folks to read/respond to. Stories of practice can relate to the SO WHAT of the topic, and the reflection at the end relates to the NOW WHAT aspect of an experiential session.

An article to read and use in your work

With thanks to Ontario, just double click on the address below; read, copy, print and use the article as it makes sense for you. Come back to this website within the week to find a summary of this key article on Professional Learning Leadership.

Thanks for coming. We look forward to seeing you in October as we further our conversations.


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