A Perspective on Professional Learning: “What did we learn about learning and teaching during Covid?”


A Perspective on Professional Learning: “What did we learn about learning and teaching during Covid?”

Throughout the pandemic most conversations focussed on the imperative to attend to relationships as the school system returned to bricks and mortar. An underlying theme was the reality that we had not been successful at engaging students before lockdown! Many asked how we might improve on this as we worked to engage students returning to school. How well are we listening to our students? How well are we addressing what they are saying to us?


It is a poignant opportunity to rework the school system! Time for critical self-reflection and hard conversations! What implicit biases might we each hold? Where are our blind spots? We have data that the school system is not working for everybody.  What have we learned? How do we move forward, and hold the  hard conversations that are needed?


At Learning Forward BC, much of our work during Covid has focussed on equity, exploring the value of student agency, and sharing stories of positive experiences.  In many systems, there are powerful stories of success in supporting students, engaging them in their learning, and moving forward with quality professional learning. Many systems have struggled.


Question: “As we reflect on our Covid experience, what has been in place in the culture of schools / districts where positive learning experiences have been celebrated? Where equity issues have been addressed?” How might we learn from them?

Our goal at LFBC is to continue to build our professional learning network to hold hard conversations and share positive experiences that we can all learn from. We invite you to connect with us and join the conversations.


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