Asking good questions is a leader’s superpower!

Learning Forward  Resources:  Engaging the  Leader and the Learner Some good advice from a colleague and friend.   Asking good questions is a leader’s superpower By Charles Mason FEBRUARY 2022   It’s pretty amazing that one of the most powerful … Continued

Learning Forward BC Update for School Year 2021-2022

Message from President Sue Elliott Welcome to Learning Forward BC: Who is LFBC?   Who Are We? With the mission of providing opportunities to engage in professional learning that focuses on improving student engagement, learning and achievement in the province … Continued

Good News for Professional Learning BC

Learning Forward B.C. is pleased to announce that they are the recipients of the Learning Forward Foundation’s 2021 Dale Hair Affiliate Grant. This grant is good news for BC Educators Learning Forward as they prepare to  increase their capacity and … Continued

Free Range Humans explores deeper learning with Local BC Superintendent: What makes Learning in Abbotsford important and real?   Creating a Culture of Curiosity and Innovation – Conversation with Kevin Godden       Free Range Humans Education Listen on Apple Podcasts  Deeper learning suggests that there is no end. There is always “deeper.” There are always other layers … Continued

How to Build Systems for Deeper Learning – A Conversation with Jason Glass with Free Range Humans 50 min PLAY How to Build Systems for Deeper Learning – A Conversation with Jason GlassFree Range Humans Education Listen on Apple Podcasts  There are lots of powerful classrooms, some great schools, but few districts or larger systems where students experience … Continued