Prince George Students launch Anti Racism Video Series: An Interview with Jal Mehta and Rod Allen

Students in from Prince George Secondary Schools continue to work on their anti-racism project.

Tune in to the podcast below as they talk about why they want to make a difference and how they continue this project in our schools and communities.


The article below gives some history and links to materials.


SD57 District Student Advisory Council launches anti-racism video series

Mar 3, 2022 | 4:45 PM

PRINCE GEORGE – Instead of standing by, the group of students part of the SD57 District Student Advisory Council (DSAC) stepped up in the fight against racism in our community.

The four-part series called ‘Raising the BAR: Bystanders Against Racism’ was created following a racist incident within a Prince George high school which inspired action.

The first part of the series shares experiences from students, former students, and staff members from within the SD57 family of schools.

The second, third, and fourth episodes discuss the impact of racism, and the hope going forward to create a better community for everyone.

The films were premiered in an event held at Vanier Hall in front of local leaders including Mayor Lyn Hall and Trustee Tim Bennett who were part of a panel following the showing about the importance of “turning the dial on racism.”

Mayor Hall applauded the work of all the students who worked tirelessly to make the short films, and also those who courageously shared their experiences as part of the series.

Superintendent Cindy Heitman said the films will make their way into many classrooms in the near future, with a priority on making sure students watch the full series to better understand racism.

You can watch the full series here.





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