A Professional Learning Network

– An affiliate of Learning Forward

Learning Forward, formerly the National Staff Development Council [NSDC], is an international association of learning educators committed to one purpose in K-12 education: Every educator engages in effective professional learning every day so every student achieves. The name is noteworthy: learning is first, reminding us that learning is at the heart of our purpose and that learning creates our future; forward signifies forward action as we address adult learning, policy and advocacy, research and practice in order to ensure quality professional learning that impacts student learning.

The Learning Forward BC affiliate, [formerly the National Staff Development Council of BC (SDCBC)], is a cross-role educator group – a network who park their titles at the door. The affiliate supports those who research, teach,support  and facilitate adult professional learning. We bring content, your context, tools, and high-quality process to the table, using the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning as a foundation of our work.

Download 2011-12 Constitution

Goals of Learning Forward BC

  1. To explore and develop a shared understanding of learning in the 21st Century
  2. To provide support for leadership in/of professional learning leaders by:
    • Exploring intentions and responsibilities across different roles
    • Engaging leaders in effective strategies to build and sustain capacity in schools and districts
  3. To expand the Learning Forward BC networks through:
    • Engaging and building partnerships
    • Connecting with ‘thought leaders’
    • Growing our virtual community
    • Working with Canadian affiliates toward Conference 2016

Learning Forward BC aims to

  • To promote the Learning Forward Standards for Professional Learning
  • To provide forums to engage others in relevant conversations about topics of keen interest by marrying research with innovative practice
  • To share expertise and experiences in effective professional learning that enhances student learning
  • To promote and facilitate networking among those who teach, train, and facilitate adult professional learning
  • To collaborate and provide tools to support effective professional learning

Learning Forward BC Board Members: 2019-2020

Learning Forward BC Board of Directors 2019-2020



Chair:  Suzanne Elliott, Consultant, and Sunshine Coast, BC                               srichards.elliott@gmail.com

Vice-Chair: Executive Committee

Secretary: Sandra Lynne Shortall, Director of Instruction, West Vancouver Schools      sshortall@wvschools.ca

Treasurer:  Audrey Hobbs Johnson, Consultant, North Vancouver                           audreyhj@shaw.ca

Membership: Trudean Andrews, Retired, West Vancouver                                                     taandrews@shaw.ca

Communications: Audrey Hobbs Johnson                                                                             audreyhj@shaw.ca


Members at Large

Reno Ciofli: Assistant Superintendent, Coquitlam School District                           Rciolfi@sd43.bc.ca

April Lowe: Teachers’ Union President, Sea to Sky School District                          aprillklowe@telus.net

Ian Kennedy: Director of Instruction, West Vancouver Schools                               Ikennedy@wvschools.ca

Andrea McComb: District Principal, Coquitlam Schools District                               AMcComb@sd43.bc.ca

Amelia Poitras: Vice-Principal, North Vancouver School District                            aportras@sd44.ca

Beth Applewhite: Principal, Coquitlam School District                                         bapplewhite@sd43.bc.ca

Gayle Bedard: District Principal Coquitlam BC                                                        gbedard@sd43.bc.ca

Karen Fadum: Helping Teacher, Surrey School District                                        Fadum_Karen@susrreyschools.ca

David Manual: District Principal, Inclusion, Chilliwack School District                                    David_manuel@sd33.bc.ca

Corrine McCabe: Retired Superintendent, Chilliwack School District                         mccabecor@gmail.com

Steve Cardwell: Assistant Dean, Kwantlen polytechnic University                             scardwell@telus.net



Working Committees


Leadership: Chair, Sue Elliott

Reno Ciofli, April Lowe, Ian Kennedy, Andrea McComb

Professional Learning Coordination: Chair, Sandralyn Shortall

David Manual, Corrine McCabe, Beth Applewhite, Ian Kennedy, Karen Fadum

Membership/Outreach: Chair, Trudean Andrews

Amelia Poitras, Beth Applewhite Gayle Bedard, Karen Fadum

Administration/Finance: Chair, Audrey Hobbs Johnson

Reno Ciofli, Corrine McCabe, Karen Fadum

Partnerships including the BC Collaborative: Chair, Audrey Hobbs Johnson

Steve Cardwell, David Manuel, Amelia Poitras, Corrine McCabe, April Lowe

Note: LFBC hold the funds for the BC Collaborative in a special trust fund






Sue Elliott



Lives in Sechelt

Audrey Hobbs Johnson

Communications Coordinaator


North Vancouver

Trudean Andrews

Membership Coordinator


North Vancouver

Ian Kennedy

Member at Large


Carson Graham Secondary School

David Manuel

Member at Large

District Principal , Learning Services

Chilliwack School District

Sandra Lynn Shorthall


District Principal

West Vancouver School District

Karen Fadum

Member At Large

Curriculum Helping Teacher

Surrey School District

Steve Cardwell

Member at Large

Reno Ciolfi

Member at Large

Assistant Superintendent

Coquitlam School District

Beth Applewhite

April Lowe

Andrea McComb

Gayle Bedard

Amelia Poitras

Corinne McCabe

David Manuel

Sandralyn Shortall