Why Quality Professional Learning Matters

Subscribe to RSS Why Quality Professional Development for Teachers Matters SEPTEMBER 16, 2014   Why quality professional development for teachers matters Edutopia Where should a school invest effort, time, and resources to help students? Invest in either finding the best … Continued

President’s Message by Sue Elliot – Spring 2014

“Collaborative inquiry involves two components – collaboration (working together) and inquiry (a search for deep understanding) … Collaboration is why you would want to bring people together. However, not all collaboration is equal, and working together for the sake of … Continued

Tool: Yes/ No Survey

This strategy provides an opportunity for participants to explore a topic by posing a question, and to make connections with other participants. It also builds community, and lifts the energy in the room.   Process: Choose a topic [e.g. Collaboration], … Continued

President’s Message by Sue Elliott

Working Together: Honouring Varied Contexts for Professional Learning February 2014 “Worse than being blind is to see and have no vision.” Helen Keller Learning Forward BC’s connection to our education partners, and the knowledge and the varied experiences they have … Continued

President’s Fall Message by Sue Elliott

Enhancing Professional Learning: The Value of a Collaborative Culture “How can we be genius makers and bring out the intelligence in others and at the same time be aware of the expertise, experience, and support that we can provide while … Continued

Teacher collaboration

Professional communities improve many elementary school students’ math scores – American Sociological Association via Science Daily, http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/06/130651302190.htm Many elementary students’ math performance improves when their teachers collaborate, work in professional learning communities or do both, yet most students don’t spend all … Continued

President’s Message by Sue Elliott

June 2013 Collaborative Conversations Using Data? Are you hearing any?   As this school year ends I would like to take the opportunity to thank members of the Learning Forward BC Board for their dedicated work over the past year.  … Continued