President’s Message – Sue Elliot – January 2016

Supporting Innovative Practice   “Countries that wish to improve the effectiveness of professional development provided to teachers should increase the amount and variation of school embedded offerings such as mentoring and coaching, creating networks of teachers who learn together, and … Continued


Learning Forward BC enters into Research Project with University of Toronto ( OISE) and Learning Forward . For more information and updates contact Audrey Hobbs Johnson at    

Thoughts from the President-Sue Elliot

  ENGAGEMENT is at the heart of our work as educators.  Teachers engaging and guiding students in order to develop a passion for learning, teachers tapping their own interests to inspire students, and work with other teachers to create a … Continued

Why Quality Professional Learning Matters

Subscribe to RSS Why Quality Professional Development for Teachers Matters SEPTEMBER 16, 2014   Why quality professional development for teachers matters Edutopia Where should a school invest effort, time, and resources to help students? Invest in either finding the best … Continued

President’s Message by Sue Elliot – Spring 2014

“Collaborative inquiry involves two components – collaboration (working together) and inquiry (a search for deep understanding) … Collaboration is why you would want to bring people together. However, not all collaboration is equal, and working together for the sake of … Continued

Tool: Yes/ No Survey

This strategy provides an opportunity for participants to explore a topic by posing a question, and to make connections with other participants. It also builds community, and lifts the energy in the room.   Process: Choose a topic [e.g. Collaboration], … Continued