Networking Dinner Sparks Conversation and Debate

fullsizerenderPrinciples for Communicating Student Learning

Communicating student learning (CSL) is interwoven with curriculum design, instructional strategies and formative assessment. CSL is a process by which teachers can provide a continuous window into student learning. Students, teachers, and parents design together, meaningful samples and evidence of student learning over time to demonstrate progress aligned with learning standards. ( SD #36, February 9, 2017)

Karen Fadum, one of Surrey’s very talented staff led a lively cross- role discussion on Communicating Student Learning.  Participants from fMetro School Districts and Independent Schools  spent the evening sharing practice  across districts in a variety of K-12 configurations.

Surprise:  There were more questions than answers!


Is communicating student learning to parents and community an event within a defined structure or is it an open innovative structure that looks at the outcomes and learning of the learners as well as the audience needs at a particular time and place?

How can we support our educators to develop competence and confidence in these practices?

Powerpoint link: Connecting Innovative Practices to Transform Learning

Looking forward to your questions and comments.


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