Network Dinner Review: From Poster to Practice

Reflections on Indigenizing the BC curriculum

Karen Fadum,

Learning Forward BC  Director

Helping Teacher, Surrey School District



I have the pleasure of working with a diverse and dynamic group of educators (and learners in turn) on the board of Learning Forward BC. In April we hosted a powerful and thought-provoking network dinner titled First People’s Principles: From Poster to Practice. Learning Forward BC believes in quality professional learning where cross-pollination between roles and districts create the conditions for conversations that matter and actions that lead to improved student learning; success for all students, all the time.

At this particular event, we invited a cross-role educational team to share their experience and facilitate conversations focused on indigenizing the BC curriculum. We wanted to deepen our collective understanding of the First Peoples Principles and help each other move from a poster on the wall to the meaningful infusion of aboriginal ways of knowing and doing.

The event sold out quickly so we tried to bring as many people in through a virtual window. Here are a few of the twitter highlights:

As we start the planning for our next session, designed to parallel the first, I want to share what resonated for me and warmly welcome others to join us.


Karen Fadum: Learning Forward BC, Director, Co-Chair for Communications

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Watch for postings on more sessions on this topic through Learning Forward BC Networking Dinners

October 25, 2018 Coquitlam

November 2018   North Vancouver, a follow-up session to the April 24 session


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