Design Thinking: Some Divergent Ideas to Consider

Design Thinking: Some Divergent Ideas to Consider Have you read Jessica Lahey’s Article in the Atlantic? How Design Thinking Became a Buzzword at School The trendy concept is in high demand among educators, but its specifics are vague. Jessica Lahey, … Continued


A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT, Suzanne Elliott   April 15, 2020     Leadership for Teaching and Learning during Covid-19   I am inspired by the opportunities that are unfolding during these unprecedented times. During a recent Learning Forward BC … Continued

Network Dinner Review: From Poster to Practice

Reflections on Indigenizing the BC curriculum Karen Fadum, Learning Forward BC  Director Helping Teacher, Surrey School District     I have the pleasure of working with a diverse and dynamic group of educators (and learners in turn) on the board … Continued

Insight into Quality Professional Learning: A BC Perspective

  Insight into Quality Professional Learning   The study on the State of Professional Learning in Canada provides a well-researched lens through which Canadian educators can structure quality professional learning. Support and sustainability, quality content, and learning design and implementation are … Continued

What is your professional learning legacy?

My colleague Heather Lageman in the Learning Forward Foundation writes about  a “Professional Learning Legacy”. This concept intrigues me as we enter a very different year of learning for everyone here in the  BC system.   The context of our schools … Continued