Book Study-The Multiplier Effect

Tapping the Genius inside our Schools  As I begin to study the Wiseman Groups new book The Mulitplier Effect, I am  engaged  is self reflection about the realities of really playing the role of the Mulitplier.  On the surface, it … Continued

President’s Message – March 2013

President’s Message- March 2013 What’s Data Got to Do With It?   The current focus of teachers preparing report cards, administrators reflecting on school growth plans, and central office folks supporting staff and planning for the next school year leaves … Continued

Redefining Fair

Redefining Fair How to plan, assess, and grade in mixed-ability classrooms by Damian Cooper Solution Tree Press, 2011     Damian Cooper is an independent education consultant from Ontario, who specializes in helping schools and school districts improve their instructional … Continued

School Districts Involved in on-going learning: Got Data_Now What

  This is a reminder that Learning Forward BC has offered to facilitate up to two follow-up touch back sessions with District teams   in order to support your ongoing professional learning from Bruce Wellman’s Got Data? Now What? Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry session … Continued

An Excellent Day of Professional Learning: Got Data_ Now What

  Got Data – Now What?”              Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry         Developed by Laura Lipton & Bruce Wellman ,Co-directors, Mira Via, LLC   Monday, January 14th was an excellent day of professional learning in B.C.! The Learning … Continued

What drives your planning for professional learning ?

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director of Learning Forward,  wrote the following  article  in the October 12 JSD.   As I read through this short piece, it made me reflect seriously on my practice. How can  we make the real connections with  student learning  to the instructional … Continued