What drives your planning for professional learning ?

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director of Learning Forward,  wrote the following  article  in the October 12 JSD.   As I read through this short piece, it made me reflect seriously on my practice. How can  we make the real connections with  student learning  to the instructional needs of educators?

Stephanie writes: In the early years of my career, professional  development was touted as a professional benefit for me as an individual, Today professional development is a professional responsibility.

After you read the following article, I will look for your comments.  Where and how do you think we should be spending those precious prfessional learning dollars? Is professional learning only about student needs?


Please reference the October 2012 JSD with the followong  http://www.learningforward.org/publications/jsd/jsd-blog/jsd/2012/10/15/october-2012-vol.-33-no.-5#.UOrcgbamBQY



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