Teaming is critical in today’s schools! However, are our own biases and aspects of privilege getting in the way?


​LEARNING FORWARD ONTARIO NEWS BRIEF ​ ​MARCH 2021 Article Review: Connections bring us closer to Equity and Justice

​by Ellie Drago-Severson, Jessica Blum-Destefano and Deborah Brooks-Lawrence (October, 2020, The ​learning professional, Vol. 41, No. 5):

In the context of education in the midst of a pandemic, the concept of teaming is as important as ever. While more voices on school and community teams heard will help us get closer to truly antiracist learning environments, we must recognize that our own biases and aspects of privilege can get in the way. The article under review suggests that the concept of teaming needs to be examined with a more critical lens.

The Learning Forward article that we are showcasing in this Newsbrief asks us to consider new ways of thinking about teaming in the light of seeking a better understanding of meeting equity goals. As a principal quoted in the article suggests:

“Teams are critical now and can serve as integral spaces of planning, connection and advocacy for social justice, broadly defined. Yet educators enter into pressing conversations about equity, race, identity, culture, and the health and well-being of the community from a wide range of starting places”.

The authors ask an essential question: “How can teams—and the people who compose them—grow together and forward together toward more equitable action and understanding?”

What learning processes will achieve more equitable outcomes for all students?


Equity Drivers are discussed as one of 10 new draft standards for Learning Forward (We are an affiliate of this larger organization): Equity Drivers: Educators reflect individually and collectively to identify and address their own biases, support and collaborate with diverse colleagues, and cultivate beliefs, knowledge and behaviours that accelerate ambitious outcomes for all educators and students

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Ontario Newsletter March 2021

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