What is your professional learning legacy?

My colleague Heather Lageman in the Learning Forward Foundation writes about  a “Professional Learning Legacy”. This concept intrigues me as we enter a very different year of learning for everyone here in the  BC system.   The context of our schools has the promise to create  spaces for learners for everyone.  In the excitement of beginning a new school year, have we considered what we need to learn across our system?


As we sit together as educators across roles  I hear these key ideas being discussed:

  • Mentoring is key – new people in new roles
  • Leadership Development Study: leadership is key  and a must across all roles
  • Are we creating cultures to support professional learning?
  • Are the learning  conditions in place  for all adult learners across our province?
  • As we put quality professional learning in place, is our end in mind a culture that provides quality learning for all of our students?

In her article below,  Heather addresses the urgency of creating Professional Learning that address our needs and asks a key question:

Who are the professional learning leaders you rely on for advice, resources, and inspiration? 


The Canadian Research,  on the State of Professional Learning in Canada, particularly the BC Case Study  gives us some good national and provincial advice.

http://learningforward.org/publications/canada-study  ( access to current Canadian Professional Research published to date)

However I believe this is an important question for us to address here in BC.


Who are the professional learning leaders you rely on for advice, resources, and inspiration? 

I look forward to your input and comments on creating this “Professional Learning Inspiration and Legacy List” of both people and resources.


Audrey Hobbs Johnson

Learning Forward BC

Project Manager,

State of  Professional Learning in Canada

Heather writes:

What will be your professional learning legacy?

September 11, 2017

PL Legacy Graphic

As we begin another school year, this is the perfect time to reflect on what brought us to the profession. What drew you to education? What makes you excited to walk into school buildings every fall? Why do you love learning?
For me, fall is not about the leaves on the ground and the chill in the air. Much like chef and Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain, I am baffled by the pumpkin spice craze (if you need a belly-laugh, the thoughts he shared with Willie Geist recently on the Today Show are worth a look). To me, fall is back to school and back to my roots — learning. Coming from a family of educators and readers, my love of learning began early. I am forever grateful for a childhood filled with books that were both wildly fantastic and growth-mindset oriented.
The sheer joy of discovery — the indescribable feeling of taking a risk and trying something new — these are the feelings I associate with the learning process. So when I began looking for an organization to support me in my learning journey, I was happy to find colleagues in learning and community through Learning Forward.
Who are the professional learning leaders you rely on for advice, resources, and inspiration? If you are looking for some ideas, here are some professional learning thought leaders that Learning Forward has brought into my life, and links to some of their work to explore:

With the guiding vision of excellent teaching and learning every day and the missionof building the capacity of leaders to establish and sustain highly effective professional learning close to my heart, I soon found myself welcomed into the Learning Forward Foundation.
And as we begin this new school year, I find myself drawn to share and reflect on the Learning Forward Foundation’s norms that are the bedrock of our learning community:

  • Love the idea first to embrace its possibilities
  • Trust the facilitator
  • Invest in the process with full attention
  • Honor silence
  • Slow down to think and reflect; to puzzle about things
  • Proceed with conversations that are slow, deliberate and allow us to go deeper
  • Pursue messy conversations that allow us to be curious about each other’s ideas
  • Provide respectful behavior in providing feedback by invitation
  • Have periodic personal reflection on how each of us has modeled the norm

These are the norms that we use in the Learning Forward Foundation’s learning community, and I use them to guide my personal learning journey as well. May they be a source of inspiration as you write the next chapter of your professional learning journey this year. As Wes Moore recently said, “this is a moment to stand up and step up in learning and in love.” Looking forward to seeing how you will step into learning as a member of the Learning Forward family of learners this school year!

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