What is a Learning Society?


 What is a Learning Society ?   

Join us on September 21 @ 5:00 pm as we begin to discuss the areas of Global Education and the Leadership needed as we go forward to meet the needs of our learners whether they be the students in our schools or the educators and others who influence the learning

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The Principles of the Learning Society

The principles that characterize the Learning Society are informed by the demands of the 21st century, by emergent innovations at the very leading edge, and by what we now know about how learning happens. The result is the following set of principles designed to meet society’s new demands for
learning and to realize the learning potential of every part of society and every part of the globe.

The Learning Society:

 Engenders a culture of learning throughout life.

 Aims to develop motivated, engaged learners who are prepared to conquer the unforeseen challenges of tomorrow as well as those of today.

 Takes learning to the learner, seeing learning as an activity, not a place.

 Believes that learning is for all, that no one should be excluded.

 Recognizes that people learn differently, and strives to meet those needs.

 Cultivates and embraces new learning providers, from the public, private, and NGO sectors.

The Learning Society: Executive Summary
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