Leadership in Professional Learning: A Learning Forward BC Story

Leadership in Professional Learning: A LFBC Story


As Tom Guskey reminds us, the ultimate goal of professional learning is its impact on student growth and outcomes. LFBC is about providing networking opportunities.

The intent of this year’s series of webinars has been to share what four districts have done to enhance outcomes.

Providing insight into the cross role collaboration that brought about the support required to provide an uptick in results, we have been reminded of the importance of basing our work in research, teamwork that engages teachers in the planning conversations, listening to students, and using the power of story to share experiences.


Ultimately, an underlying goal is about developing leaders at the classroom, school administration and board office levels who are engaged in designing and facilitating professional learning.

During Covid, a core aspect of conversations has been about student engagement, and the importance of developing relationships with students, their families, and school communities. Equity is front and center to many of these discussions.


The power of story? At a recent Affiliate meeting with Learning Forward, I shared the essence of our network sessions. Asked if I know of a person who might be a candidate for a Learning Forward panel on Virtual leading and learning in unique contexts, I suggested Denise Augustine, a powerful ‘thought leader’ who has been involved with some of our LFBC sessions.


As Denise  states in her bio, she ‘carefully weaves story and research together, inviting adults to open their hearts and minds and imagine a community that values diversity and designs for inclusion.’ This story is evidence of the impact of networking, an aspect of professional learning that LFBC is engaged in. Having Denise on the panel enriched a broad spectrum of educators across North America and beyond, with the power of story and what we are learning in BC.


Thanks Denise for  being the expert on this panel… your represent BC with such grace and expertise


Join us for the last session in our series:

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


http://learningforwardbc.ca/event/learning-forward…e-the-difference/ ‎



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