School Districts Involved in on-going learning: Got Data_Now What

  This is a reminder that Learning Forward BC has offered to facilitate up to two follow-up touch back sessions with District teams   in order to support your ongoing professional learning from Bruce Wellman’s Got Data? Now What? Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry session … Continued

An Excellent Day of Professional Learning: Got Data_ Now What

  Got Data – Now What?”              Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry         Developed by Laura Lipton & Bruce Wellman ,Co-directors, Mira Via, LLC   Monday, January 14th was an excellent day of professional learning in B.C.! The Learning … Continued

What drives your planning for professional learning ?

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director of Learning Forward,  wrote the following  article  in the October 12 JSD.   As I read through this short piece, it made me reflect seriously on my practice. How can  we make the real connections with  student learning  to the instructional … Continued

Creating Cultures of Inquiry: Bruce Wellman and Laura Lipton

Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry Join Bruce on January 14, 2013, see                  In the meantime, read and comment on this Bruce and Laura’s latest writing                    Bruce Wellman and Laura Lipton, Co-Directors, MiraVia LLC   Humans are a social species … Continued

A Message from President , Sue Elliott

Learning for the Future – What is Our End in Mind?   Imagine quality professional learning with a clearly articulated vision that incorporates collaboratively identified needs/goals, and supports growth that demonstrates improvement and/or innovation in supporting learning.  Focusing on education … Continued

Why Schools, A Conversation with Chris Kennedy

Learning Forward  BC invites you to view, read and comment  on Chris Kennedy’s Blog On this particular BLOG,  he looks at Will Richardson’s current work. Read Chris’s comments and reflections on this link. cultureofyes.word For a  quick overview of … Continued


Learning Froward BC -Sue Elliott’s  President’s Message, September 2012 As I  consider the mission of Learning Forward BC – to provide opportunities for all educators to engage in quality professional learning that focuses on improving student engagement, learning and achievement … Continued

What is a Learning Society?

Cisco_Learning_Society_Mar-2010_Full_report   What is a Learning Society ?    Join us on September 21 @ 5:00 pm as we begin to discuss the areas of Global Education and the Leadership needed as we go forward to meet the needs of our learners whether … Continued